Início 8 lugares tranquilos da Inglaterra Traditional Reedcutter At work On The Norfolk Broads

Traditional Reedcutter At work On The Norfolk Broads

NORWICH, UNITED KINGDOM – SEPTEMBER 13: Marshman Eric Edwards makes his way along a dyke during cutting reeds and sedge with his scythe in the traditional way on the Norfolk Broads of England on 13 September, 2006, Norwich, England. Reed and Sedge is the traditional material used for making the thatched roofs on English buildings. Edwards is the last remaing marshman to use a scythe to cut the reeds and is due to retire after working for over 40 years on the dykes. The Broads Authority is breaking new ground by running a bursary training scheme of heritage industries which are nearing extinction. The bursary scheme, which is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund will feature reed and sedge cutting as part of the learning about the historic and cultural background of the Broads fens. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)